A Provisional List of Extant 16th and Early 17th Century Citterns — supplemental handout by Peter Forrester.

Part of: Wood and Wire — a lecture by Peter Forrester.

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Originally published in Lute News: The Lute Society Magazine. Reprinted by permission of Peter Forrester and The Lute Society.

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Italy: Traditional
Augustinus of Urbino, London,V&A 10/1 62.0 originally 13 pegs, diatonic, carved.
"Amati", Museo Bardini, Florence 62.0 diatonic, 6 courses with octaved 3rd, imitates carved.
Anon, Vienna C64 61.7 6 or 7 course, 14 pegs, chromatic, carved.
Franciscus of Urbino (ex Vienna) 61.3 diatonic, carved, ex. Rothschild collection, auctioned London 1999.
Anon, Leipzig 612. 61.2 diatonic, carved.
Anon, Merusaglia, Corsica. approx. 61 .0 diatonic, 8 course, imitates carved, associated. ms. c 1720.
Anon, Vermillion 60.8 chromatic, originally diatonic? carved.
Anon, ex Donaldson collection, missing large, chromatic? illustrated in Hipkins and Gibb.
Plebanus, Paris. 54.5 diatonic, carved.
Anon, Leipzig 613. 54.5 diatonic, carved.
Anon, Vienna C63 53.8 7 course, diatonic, carved.
Anon, private collection (Challen) 49.2 diatonic, carved.
Salvatori, Paris 49.2 chromatic, carved.
Anon, private collection, England. 48.9 illustrated in cat. 'Made for Music' 1986, chromatic, carved.
Piero Paulo, private collection, France 48.2 diatonic, imitates carved, late, drawing by Patrick Delaval in 'Trac' mad', Oct., 1992.
Campi, R.C.M., London 43.0 diatonic, carved.
Anon, Museo Civico, Bologna 42.9 diatonic, carved.
Anon, Rome 42.2? diatonic, carved.
Campi, Museo Bardini, Florence 68.0 and 123.0 12 course ceterone, chromatic, imitates carved.
Italy: Brescian.
Virchi, Berlin, missing approx.46.5 cat. Staatlichen Hochschule coil., Sachs 1922.
Virchi?, Oxford 46.2  
Gasparo da Salo, Oxford approx. 45.3 11 pegs, 5 course?
Virchi, Vienna A61 approx.44.5  
"Stradivari", Virchi? Paris 44.4  
Maggini, Vienna C62 44.4  
Virchi, Paris 42.5  
Low Countries.
Anon, Brussels 1524 43.3 diatonic.
Anon, London ,V&A 10/2 approx.38.0 originally diatonic.
Tilman, Berlin approx. 43.5 chromatic,11 pegs, 4 course
Anon, Ketelhaven approx. 43.8 diatonic. Remains of two cittems recovered from a shipwrecked ferry boat at Lelystad.
Anon, Freiberg 40.7
made for statues of angels, only two are fretted, chromatic.
Anon, Belfast 47.0 chromatic, 6 course? only finger board survives from Armada shipwreck.
Two more cittems in Paris — E.46 and D 32026 should probably appear in this list, but have had alterations and require further evaluation. Also another in Lisbon, Biblioteca Nacional MIC280.

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