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This page is meant to be a comprehensive list of articles about the history of wire string instruments, especially the cittern. A great deal of material has been submitted by both Christopher Burgon and Peter Forrester. Christopher submitted to me a list of articles he had compiled for an upcoming (soon to be published) bibliography on fretted instruments, while Peter is (almost) single-handedly responsible for compiling the list of FoMRHI articles for cittern, bandora, orpharion — and even mean-tone temperament and wire(!), as well as submitting some corrections and additions to this list. My greatest and humblest thanks go to both of them for their extensive, thoughtful, and very generous contributions.

Rather than sorting the articles alphabetically by author or alphabetically by title, I have decided it would be of more value to sort them chronologically with the oldest articles first (with the exception of the FoMRHI articles, which are in their own list). As new articles are written, it will be possible to see additions simply by scrolling to the end of the list.

If you know of a resource or article that I have not listed here, or if you have a correction, please contact me.


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FoMRHI Quarterly articles by subject:


  • 88 Reasoned approach to mean-tone fretting; Abbott and Segerman.
  • 89 Tuning and fretting patterns; Segerman.
  • 97 Cetra et cetera.; Allworth.
  • 124 Canpi cittern; Segerman.
  • 125 Cetra fret blocks; Segerman.
  • 152 National Museum, Dublin, with notes on an English guitar 1764 by Gibson; Doyle.
  • 466 Cittern fingerboards and stringing; Forrester.
  • 740 Citterns ...; Forrester.
  • 742 Response to 740; Segerman.
  • 757 Reply to 742; Forrester.
  • 774 Tabley ms; Segerman.
  • 797 Gittern and bell-gittern; Gill.
  • 798 Was the English guitar a guitar or a cittern? Walsh.
  • 823 The English guitar etcetera; Gill.
  • 858 Cittern in Italy; Forrester.
  • 931 Morley Consort and the English cittern; Forrester.
  • 1034 The stringing of English and German guitars; Segerman.
  • 1422 The instruments of the consort; Segerman.
  • 1445 The cittern in consort; Forrester.
  • 1468 Reply to 1445; Segerman.
  • (Bulletin Supplement October. 1996); Segerman.
  • 1481 Reply to 1468; Forrester.
  • 1482 Reply to 1445 and 1468; Gill.
  • 1496 Segerman, Godwin, Fludd and the English cittern; Forrester.
  • 1497 Reply to 1481; Segerman.
  • 1498 Response to 1482; Segerman.
  • 1514 Citt/gitt; Montagu.
  • 1516 Response to 1498; Gill.
  • 1529 Short history of names of gittern and cittern; Segerman.
  • 1530 Citt/gitt again; Montagu.
  • 1531 More on the English guitar and speculations on its origin; Segerman.
  • 1543 Origins of the 'guitarra portuguesa'; Segerman.
  • 1576 Violins, citterns and viols in the Edinburgh 'A.S.' manuscript; Segerman.
  • 1593 Praetorius' plucked instruments and their strings; Segerman.
  • 1621 Curving a fingerboard to improve the action; Segerman.
  • 1876 English guitar makers in 18th century Britain: a directory; Tyler.
  • 1884 Additions to Comm 1876, some more English Guitars; Taro Takeuchi.
  • 1894 On late 18th century archcitterns; Segerman.


  • 16 Palmer orpharion; Segerman and Abbott.
  • (274) Mandora and Calachon; Gill.
  • (295) Further to -; Gill.


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  • 407 Orpharion news; Segerman.


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  • 199 do.; Segerman.
  • 439 Heinrich Schütz's Strings; Karp
  • 440 Ferrous wire circa 1600; Segerman.
  • 452 Harpsichord string; Gug.
  • 548 Steel music wire; Karp.
  • 576 Non-ferrous harpsichord wire; Way.
  • 626 Uniformity in old wire; Way.
  • 713 Mandolin wire, etc; Segerman.
  • 766 Zangelmass; Gug.
  • 790 Zangelmass; Shann.
  • 821 Phosphorous iron music wire; Shann.
  • 836,837 Wire making; Gug.
  • 853 Strong iron wire; Wraight.
  • 866 Jobst Meuler or the secret of a Nuremburg wire drawer; Gug.
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