Site Errata

Last updated Wednesday, July 19, 2017.

Even though I make every attempt to keep the site error-free through extensive proofreading and editing, errors still happen. This page contains a list of major gaffes, mistakes, and omissions in the event that any mistake on this site may have led to a wrong conclusion. Minor errors (such as spelling corrections or broken links) are not listed here.

If you know of an error or have a correction that needs to be made, please contact me.

Date Corrected
Period Sources of Printed Music for Cittern, Bandora, & Orpharion In the information about Melii's work of 1616 for citara tiorbata, I listed Segerman's suggested tuning of A-B-c-d-f-b-g-d'-e'. Upon further examination, this cannot be correct, as the 7th course (following both the music and the 7-course tuning of Paolo Virchi) calls for G. According to the tablature and the music of the other parts, the 9th course could be either A or F. (The 8th course is not used.) 8/25/10
Period Sources of Printed Music for Cittern, Bandora, & Orpharion Kargel's prints of 1578 and 1580 were mistakenly listed as being for "Italian tuning." 8/16/08


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