4 course chromatic cittern by Andrew Hartig, 2007
42 cm mensur

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  • String length: 420 mm
  • Woods: Hard Maple (sides, neck, fingerboard, pegbox, bridge, light staves on back, light fret "wedges"), Brazilian Tulipwood [dalbergia spp.] (pegs, peg head cap, striped staves on back, strap button, side scrolls), Sitka Spruce (top - single piece), Pearwood (rosette), Ebony (dark fret "wedges").
  • Other: Bone nut and saddle. End pins are made from 4mm cloisonné beads and brass nails.
  • Finish: Shellac sealer and color coats followed by oil varnish.
  • Notes: The outline of this instrument is modeled after the Zuyderzee diatonic cittern, but the instrument was slightly shortened at the neck/body joint to provide a slightly shorter string length (c. 42cm vs. 44cm) to allow more comfortable playing of some of the long left-hand stretches in the English repertoire.


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