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Last updated Sunday, April 02, 2023.

This is a list of other pages of interest to the cittern player and others.  The links are currently broken up by category, with the most recent links at the end of each category.

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Renaissance Cittern Players' Pages
  • Peter Bull - performer of lute, cittern, and other period instruments
  • Roland Ferrandi - performer of Corsican cittern and other period instruments
  • Dante Ferrara - performer of music, song, and entertainment of Renaissance Europe.
  • Andrew Hartig - member of Ensemble Theatrum Musicum
  • Doc Rossi - member of The Bacheler Consort
  • Lee Santana - member of Los Otros and performer of Renaissance cittern on numerous recordings
  • Mark Wheeler - lute, cittern, and gittern player in Ensemble Pantagruel.
  • Richard York - performer of a number of historical instruments

Other Cittern Players' Pages
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